New in Düsseldorf: Tag des offenen Weins (Day of Open Wine)


Want to discover new wines at Düsseldorf’s exceptional wine bars?

Take part as Tag des offenen Weins (‘Day of Open Wines’) comes to Düsseldorf for the very first time!

Foto Credit: Deutsches Weininstitut

Enjoy meeting friends and spending time together over a glass of wine?

This unique new experience gives you the chance to explore beautiful wine bars throughout the city while discovering great German wines. And Düsseldorf, with its ideal location along the Rhine, makes for the perfect backdrop as you spend your day tasting wines from a variety of Germany’s wonderful growing regions.

Tag des offenen Weins celebrates its premiere in Düsseldorf

On Saturday, September 8, 2018, Tag des offenen Weins will be held for the first time in Düsseldorf.

One of the benefits of this unique event is that you have the freedom to explore the charming wine bars and shops on your own.

Nine different wine merchants await you in the following neighbourhoods: Unterbilk, Pempelfort, Dusseltal, Flingern-Nord, Carlstadt and Friedrichstadt.

The merchants have all come up with an interesting offerings that highlight the German wine regions. At each location you’ll have the opportunity to taste 3 distinctive German wines for just 5€.

Here is a list of the participating wine bars and wine shops in Dusseldorf:

anderweinig – Deutschland mal anderweinig
everChamp – Deutsche Schaumweinkunst
SommeLerieDie Welt der Weißburgunder
LaVinesse – Facettenreiche trockene Terroir-Rieslinge
Vino Tinto: Lasst Euch von der Vielfalt deutscher Weine überraschen!
FeinStil – Rock & Riesling
Fleckenstein’s Sekt ist der neue Champagner
Private Wein Compilation – Traditionelle deutsche Weine
VIF Weinhandel Düsseldorf – Weine von Oliver Zeter aus der Pfalz

WeinEntdecker-Wochen (Wine Discovery Week) in 10 German Cities

Foto Credit: Deutsches Weininstitut

Tag des offenen Weins is part of WeinEntdecker Wochen, a nationwide event that invites you to rediscover German wines.

It takes place for the 7th time from 7-23 September 2018 in 10 major German cities, each with exciting tastings and creative concepts. In total there will be 127 wine merchants taking part in the event, 9 of which are located in Düsseldorf.

Here’s an overview of events by date & city: (all occur on Saturdays)

08. September 2018:
Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Essen

15. September 2018:
München, Nürnberg, Leipzig

22. September 2018:
Frankfurt, Berlin, Köln, Münster

Discover Germany’s exciting variety of wines for yourself as part of this unforgettable wine experience.

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We hope you have a great time enjoying the Tag des offenen Wein 8th September in Düsseldorf!