Soulgoods in Düsseldorf


Exceptional, individual products with a story.

Have you discovered Soulgoods in Düsseldorf? Here’s why you should visit this unique shop the next time you’re in Pempelfort.


Soulgoods is conveniently located on Nordstraße in Düsseldorf-Pempelfort, only a few minutes walk from the Hofgarten & Rhine river.

Here friendly shop owner Sabine Sellier has curated a wide range of distinctive products. The selection includes unique apparel, bags and accessories from brands such as Zirkeltraining, Feuerwear and stylish new Kraxe backpacks from Vienna.  Soulgoods even carries its own brand of T-Shirts, which you can have custom printed with various designs in just minutes.

In short, this is not your average store, here each label has its own story. Here are just some of the products you can find inside:


Soulgoods Zirkeltraining
Zirkeltraining, which stands for “circuit training” in English, bags are made by recycling the leather from gymnastic and other sports equipment. In June 2017, Zirkeltraining was awarded the “German Brand Award 2017 Gold”.

Kraxe Backpacks

Kraxe is a new brand from Vienna that specializes in durable backpacks. Their products are made of rugged canvas with handmade leather straps from Portugal. They’re comfortable, stylish and practical.


Feuerwear produces unique, sustainable bags, backpacks and accessories that are made from recycled firehoses.

Want your own custom printed t-shirt? Get it here.

Soulgoods also offers its own brand of high quality, fair fashion T-Shirts which are produced in Portugal. Once you’ve selected your preferred style & color, you can choose from either several ready-made themes or request your own custom design. Mrs. Sellier will then print your shirt within just a few minutes so you can take it home right away.

At Soulgoods high quality, individual and sustainable products are always is focus.

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Nordstrasse 6, 40477 Düsseldorf-Pempelfort

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