New Café: Kaffeehandwerk Düsseldorf

Advertisement: At Kaffeehandwerk Düsseldorf-Flingern, their dedication to delicious high quality coffee is clear.

Cortado - Kaffeehandwerk Düsseldorf


Kaffeehandwerk is a new Third Wave coffee bar in Flingern where no detail has been overlooked. Beans are organically grown and purchased directly from small roasters, then prepared with care by the barista. All that extra effort results in a truly delicious coffee that leaves you wanting more.

Here are our favorites at Kaffeehandwerk:

1. Tonic Coffee

Tonic Coffee - Kaffeehandwerk Düsseldorf

Tonic Coffee

Tonic Water & Coffee? Sounds different, but it’s delicious and is the perfect drink for a warm day. As a bonus, it’s served in an ice-cold frosted mug – totally refreshing!

2. Vanilla Black

Vanilla Black - Kaffeehandwerk Düsseldorf

Vanilla Black

A sweet, rich blend of rich Espresso over Vanilla ice cream. You really have to try this. It’s one of those drinks that looks good and tastes even better.

Vanilla Black - Kaffeehandwerk Düsseldorf

Vanilla Black

Kaffeehandwerk Flingern


Attention to Detail: The stylish retro lamps above the bar are from the Berlin subway system, and most of the furniture inside the café is handmade.

Chocolate Tart - Kaffeehandwerk Düsseldorf


Coffee and cake go perfectly together, wouldn’t you agree? Kaffeehandwerk serves fresh and flavorful baked specialties such as chocolate tart, cheesecake and banana bread. Last but not least, they also stock a carefully curated selection of freshly roasted coffee beans, so we coffee fans can brew the perfect cup at home.

  Fresh, fair, tasty – how a coffee should be.

Kaffeehandwerk Düsseldorf

Birkenstrasse 127, 40233 Düsseldorf (Flingern Nord)