LEARN GERMAN: Where to Watch, Read & Listen for Free

We’re all spending more time at home these days, why not put it to good use and brush up on your German language skills? Here are three of our favourite free resources for learning German at home:

Watch Video Stories with Exercises

It can be hard to find interactive German video content on current events that’s intended for language learners. Luckily, Deutsche Welle has created a series of excellent free videos with German subtitles. But the best thing about these videos is that they include multiple exercises to test your comprehension, plus a vocabulary list and transcripts for self study.

There are hundreds of topics, from a report on the food of the future to how you can save the planet by working less. And that’s just the start. Perhaps you’ve wondered how Ryanair can offer such cheap flights or wanted to meet the queen of cream cakes in Germany’s Black Forest? Well, now it’s possible. 😉

Tip: Be sure to check out Deutsche Welle’s main Learn German page as well, it’s packed with other great classes and resources. 

Read Free Kindle eBooks

Did you know you can read eBooks for free on Amazon Kindle? We were surprised by this too, since it’s not just a free trial – these eBooks are actually free. You can see the top 100 list on this page, just make sure “Top 100 – Gratis” is selected (below the page title).

Listen to Free Audiobooks

If you’re a fan audiobooks, you’ll like Vorleser. It offers a wide selection of free audiobooks, including classic stories by famous authors from Hans Christian Andersen to Lewis Carrol. 

Another great option is Ohrka which has a wide array of choices such as Robinson Crusoe, The Junglebook and Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne, which are ideal for beginners. A bonus is that the books are read by well known voice talents, which makes them even more entertaining.

We hope this content was useful to you and wish you the best on your language learning journey! More German language tips and free resources are coming soon, so be sure to keep checking back here for more.

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