Irish Folk Festival’s New Tour in Düsseldorf


On 19 October 2018 the Irish Folk Festival returns to Düsseldorf as part of the brand new “Music Knows No Borders Tour” in Düsseldorf. Read on to learn more about this unique experience featuring four live bands!

Irish Folk Festival Düsseldorf

Known around the world for its catchy sound and powerful lyrics, hearing an Irish Folk concert performed live is a memorable experience. 

The Irish Folk Festival has been touring annually for 45 years. Since its start the show has been seen by more than a million people. And on October 19th it’s your turn to experience this one-of-a-kind show live at Savoy Theater in Düsseldorf.

This year, the “Music Knows No Borders” tour aims to remind people of the benefits of a borderless world. The four highly talented bands in the lineup this year are sure to make this another unforgettable night.

The Lineup

CHRISTY BARRY & JAMES DEVITT • Doolin music house

These two Irishmen’s “old time” style – with Christy on the flute, tin whistle & spoons and James on the fiddle – will leave you spellbound. Their music has helped make a small village on the west coast of Ireland world famous. In their younger years they learned from the legendary Micho Russell and Christy Barry has even been honored by the Doolin Folk Festival for his life’s work.

JOANNA HYDE & TADHG Ó MEACHAIR • Folk for the foxes

An outstanding duo comprised of Joanna from America & Tadhg from Ireland who just so happen to be a newly married couple –  and they harmonize wonderfully. Joanna’s soulful voice is truly extraordinary and is complimented by her talent on the fiddle. Tadhg plays both the piano and accordion with great energy and joie de vivre.

AILIE ROBERTSON’S TRADITIONAL SPIRITS • A musical tribute to Scottish whisky

Ailie Robertson is considered one of the leading harpists and composers in Scotland. At the Irish Folk Festival she’s presenting her special project titled “TRADITIONAL SPIRITS”, which was inspired by Ailie’s tour of all the Scottish whiskey regions. In it she compares the traditions of whiskey with Scottish folk while combining jazz & classical music into a unique live experience. During the Irish Folk Festival she’ll be accompanied by musicians from Ireland and Scotland playing the fiddle, drums, guitar, saxophone and flutes.

THE OUTSIDE TRACK • Tradition with new wings

The Outside Track is comprised of four young women and a male guitarist originating from Ireland, Scotland and Canada. The band is refreshingly different – they interpret Celtic music in a new and creative ways. The band delights audiences with their amazing energy, tap dancing, creative arrangements and good humor – and you’ll surely be thrilled with the singer’s unique voice.

An excellent festival that you shouldn’t miss! Get your tickets and find more information here:

Irish Folk Festival Düsseldorf


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