Outdoors in Düsseldorf: Grafenberger Wald & Wildpark

Want to spend some time outdoors? Grafenberger Wald & Wildpark Düsseldorf are just a short hop from the city center, but feel like they’re worlds away. Let’s go explore:

WILDPARK DÜSSELDORFGrafenbergerwald & Wildpark Düsseldorf

Start out by meeting some furry new friends at Wildpark Düsseldorf, a large nature park located within Grafenberger Wald. It’s home to deer, rams and birds to name just a few. Entry is free and feeding is allowed in moderation for some animals, just look for the signs in the park which provide more info.
Grafenbergerwald & Wildpark DüsseldorfGrafenbergerwald & Wildpark DüsseldorfFor families, the Waldschule (nature school) is a great stop with plenty of activities for kids. Grafenbergerwald & Wildpark DüsseldorfGrafenbergerwald & Wildpark Düsseldorf


Once you enter this lush forest, it’s easy to forget that you’re just a few minutes from the city center.

Grafenbergerwald & Wildpark DüsseldorfThe rolling terrain is full of well groomed hiking trails that twist and turn through the dense foliage. Keep an eye out as you explore – spotting birds and other wildlife is quite common.

Along the paths, you’ll also find a variety of fitness and parkour equipment including pull up bars, rowing machines and stationary bicycles, making this park a perfect place to workout outdoors. If you’re looking for relaxation, benches and picnic pavilions are also located at various points in the forest.

Grafenbergerwald & Wildpark DüsseldorfAt the end of your hike, reward yourself with a stop at Schöne Aussicht, an overlook with this spectacular panoramic view of the city skyline.
Grafenbergerwald & Wildpark Düsseldorf

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