Etsy Made in Deutschland: Pop-Up Market in Düsseldorf


On Etsy, artists & creatives sell their handmade products online worldwide – and for a limited time you can experience the “Etsy Made in Deutschland” Pop-Up market in Düsseldorf!

Etsy | Made in DeutschlandDüsseldorf is a well known destination for art & design. With its many galleries, art museums and special events there’s always something new and inspiring to discover.

That’s especially true this month, as Düsseldorf’s Etsy Team opens its “Etsy Made in Deutschland” Pop-Up market at Kunstmüllerei – the charming atelier, exhibition space, and sculpture garden of popular Düsseldorf based artist Sonja Zeltner-Müller.

Creative Pop Up Market

The market is a great way to support local creative entrepreneurship and sustainable consumption. 

That’s what makes “Etsy Made in Deutschland” so special – not only is everything handmade – but the artists & designers are all based in Germany as well.

In fact, most of the participants of the Düsseldorf market are local to the region, including Sonja Zeltner-Müller, the event organizer, and Tess Peartree, an artist and musician from Neuss.

We interviewed both artists prior the event’s opening. Their passion for art, and the opportunity that the market represents for them and the other artists was clear from the start.

Sonja spoke enthusiastically about how fun the preparations have been, and how committed each of the participating artists are. She’s happy to welcome visitors to discover the beautiful hidden corners of Kunstmüllerei.

Like Sonja, Tess loves to create. She specializes in small acrylic paintings with fine paintbrushes and hand pressed linoleum prints. Regarding Etsy, she says, “It’s really all about the creatives and artists on this platform, and you can find one of a kind items.

And this applies to the pop-up market as well, which features 17 artists in an extraordinary location offering everything from from small postcards and notebooks to huge pictures.

A Diverse Selection

The following shops will be taking part in the market, offering a diverse selection of unique and handmade products:

Ricardo Feldmann | furniture design & ceramics
Tess Peartree | fine art prints, acrylic paintings and linocuts
Helga Steneberg | pop art portraits
Sonja Zeltner-Müller | abstract drawings and sculptures
PoPArTstyle | lomography
Knallbraun | prints & illustrations
Patricia van Dokkum | animal pop art illustrations
Sylva Klein | digital painting
Laura Schwarzmeier | animal & geometric art
Konfettikrake | postcards, prints & posters
Monika Fink | creative jewelry
ReNateLinnemeier | painting
Jeanette von Itter |  paper & felt
Anne Ruffert | acrylic material pictures
Project Saturnine | painting
DinA C. Lang | paper art
Katja Rub | linoleum prints & illustrations

New to Etsy?

As a welcome gift for new customers, Etsy sellers at the market will also be distributing a limited number of vouchers valued at up to 20 euros each, which can be redeemed at local Etsy shops by visiting

Whether you’re looking for locally made paintings, illustrations, graphics, home decor, sculptures, or jewelry, a totally unique shopping experience awaits you. And be sure to keep an eye out for the Etsy bicycle taxi around town on the 10th of November!

Enjoy your visit to the Etsy Made in Deutschland pop-up market in Düsseldorf, and happy shopping!

During its opening weekend from 10-11 November 2018, about 17 artists and designers welcome you to discover creative products and unique items in the pop-up market. Thereafter, the market is open daily from 12:00-18:00 (except for Mondays) through December 2nd.

Witzelstraße 7
40225 Düsseldorf
U-Bahn/Subway Station: Auf’m Hennekamp

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Photo Credit:
Paper Flowers by Golden Age Botanicals
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