Espresso Perfetto Bar, Kaffee

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Espresso Bar

Coffee culture in the heart of Düsseldorf. Offering delicious coffee, cappuccino & espresso, along with a selection of coffee beans, cups, accessories, and even barista workshops. Homemade cakes and nut bars are also available, plus quiche during lunch.

Kaffeekultur im Herzen von Düsseldorf. Mit leckerem Kaffee, Cappuccino & Espresso zum Genießen & einer Vielfalt an Kaffeebohnen, Kaffeetassen & Zubehör zum Verkauf. Es gibt Quiche für die kleine Mittagspause, hausgemachte Kuchen & Nussecken, sowie Barista Schulungen.

Espresso Perfetto Bar, Kaffee

Luisenstr. 1a  (Map)
Mo – Fr 7-19:00, Sa 8-19:00

Friedrichstr. 40a (Map)
Mo – Do 7-18:00
Fr           7-17:00

Next Events

Barista Course “Latte-Art”:
The course lasts about 4-5 hours and costs 99 Euro per person. All the important steps to the perfect espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato are shown: you learn about the origin of the coffee bean, as well as adjusting the correct grinding degree on the coffee grinder and how to handle the espresso machine. And by the end, you know how to draw a heart into your cappuccino.

When: 9. March 2019, 27. April 2019, 4. May 2019 und 1. June 2019
Sign up via phone 0211.15928727 or Website/Email here

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