Drink up, Düsseldorf – It’s Trinkwasserwoche

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Stadtwerke Düsseldorf is celebrating 150 Years of drinking water for Düsseldorf with a lineup of events including special radio shows on Antenne Düsseldorf, surprises like living “moss graffiti” on numerous buildings across the city, and an awesome photo-hack contest that gives you a chance to win a Sony Alpha 6000 camera & lens!

It may not be something that comes to mind every day, but drinking water is vitally important to all of us. That’s why we love the idea of celebrating Trinkwasserwoche – it’s a fun way to spread the word about drinking water as a safe, sustainable source of hydration that’s also much better for the environment than bottled water. 

By simply drinking tap water instead of bottles, you’re helping to reduce emissions from the production and transportation of bottled water, while still getting all the hydration you need to stay healthy. 

Here’s what you can look forward to during Trinkwasserwoche:

Photo Hack Contest
Are you up for a fun photography challenge?

Then put your skills to the test and take part in the photo hack contest for a chance to win a Sony Alpha 6000 camera & kit lens! To take part you just need your smartphone camera and some creativity.

Here’s how it works: Stadtwerke Düsseldorf will be posting photo hack ideas to their Instagram channel (@swd_ag) throughout the week. You can use one of their five suggestions, or you can come up with one your own. It’s your call. Then once you’ve selected your best shot, hashtag it with #SWDWasserHacks to be entered into the contest (for full contest rules, see this page). 

Tips & Ideas

Need a little more inspiration to get started? We’ve put together some of our best photography tips, and even added a few of our own sample nature & water themed photos that might be useful to you as you explore what’s possible. And though excellent photo locations abound in Düsseldorf, don’t underestimate all the interesting things you can photograph at home as well. Whether it’s houseplants, cool souvenirs from your travels or unusual textiles, you can take plenty of compelling shots without leaving your home.

While trying out the photo hacks, try using these tips to get even better results:

Set the Scene
To make your photos even more appealing, try thinking like a movie director: create your own mini scene by using various items from around your house. For instance you could combine a houseplant, some unusual home decor and a dark piece of paper or some fabric as a backdrop.

Inside Out
Don’t forget to look out your windows, they make a great frame for whatever is outside and the changing light throughout the day means there’s always something new to view.

Adjust Your Angles
It’s easy to get forget that by moving around a little, or simply adjusting your angle can completely change the perspective of your shot. Move those feet! 😉

Mirror, Mirror Over All
By holding a wet mirror over or beside your camera , or by placing it under your subject you can achieve a variety of appealing reflection effects. This is one of the five photo hacks suggested by Stadtwerke Düsseldorf. We created the sample shots below using some water, a basil leaf, a mirror, and some black paper as a backdrop. Natural light filtering in from a nearby window illuminated the leaf and water droplets, but it’s easy to use your camera to add some additional light if needed.

Water Droplets
This is another one of the five versatile hacks. By simply varying the distance, angle and/or location of your camera in relation to the plexiglass you’ll get unexpected results. We were very surprised with how different each of our experimental shots below came out. Play around and see what you come up with, it’s a lot of fun!

Insider Tip: During Trinkwasserwoche, also be on the lookout for living ‘moss graffiti’ installations on nine walls and buildings across the city!

Wasserwissen / Get Water Wise

Want to dive in a little deeper? Listen to Antenne Düsseldorf this week for interesting insights from Stadtwerke Düsseldorf’s leaders on a wide range of water related topics:

Monday, 18 to 19 – Water & Quality
Tuesday, 18 to 19 – Water & Technology
Friday 18 to 19 – Water & Nature

Keep an eye on Stadtwerke Düsseldorf’s social media channels, and visit their website to stay up to date on the latest news: 

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