Café Barré: New French Pâtisserie in Düsseldorf


If you love French desserts, we have great news: Café Barré, a new French Pâtisserie, is now open in Düsseldorf-Flingern.

Handmade, French, Delicious – with friendly service in a cozy atmosphere.
Cafe Barre

With the opening of Café Barré, Lucille & Guillaume Barré have fulfilled their dream. They now offer a variety of fine French specialties at their new location in Flingern. When you enter the café, you’ll be greeted by Lucille’s warm smile. She’s very friendly and is happy to describe the variety of dishes on offer, such as the Éclair, Quiche and Tarte au Citron.

Tarte au Citron 

Cafe Barre

Tarte au Citron, Éclair & Schoko Croissant

Guillaume Barré is a passionate Chef Pâtissier with 25 years of experience, and truly understands his craft. His dedication to making great food with artistic flair is quite clear. For instance, the Tarte au Citron, with its fresh lemon cream and meringue topping, is absolutely delicious! And it looks great too…you’ll likely be tempted to take a snapshot before you sit back and enjoy it. Also, be sure to check out their Facebook Page for catering and special order items such as cakes and tarts.

Croissant pur Beurre

Try an authentic croissant. The delicate crust and rich, buttery flavor is sure to remind you of trips to France. In addition to the classic version, they also make croissant aux amandes (almond croissant) and pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant). These are on our list for next time!

Savory Dishes



In addition to sweets and pastries, Café Barré also serves savory food such as quiche, fresh baguettes and a dish of the day. The meals are fully prepared and available to-go, which is nice option if you don’t have time for cooking something at home – simply reheat it and serve.

A Unique Experience

barre_baguettesYou’ll feel right at home when visiting this charming café, thanks to their tasty desserts, relaxed atmosphere and friendly service. During my visit two young French women enjoyed desert and a nice tea service. It’s truly an authentic French experience, right in the middle of Düsseldorf. Looking forward, Lucille and Guillaume have exciting plans for the future. Starting in January 2017, there will be a French evening with Petits Fours once a month, plus a Mother-Child Day each Wednesday, complete with hot chocolate and Madeleines.

We’ll definitely be visiting again for the high quality French food that not only looks great, but tastes great too. À bientôt!

Enjoy Your Visit to Café Barré:



Café Barré Cuisine & Pâtisserie

Birkenstraße 110, 40233 Düsseldorf

Di – So      8:00 – 19:00

Facebook – Café Barré
Barré Cuisine & Pâtisserie for catering & special orders (torts, cakes)

Sponsored by Café Barré

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