New: AirHop Trampoline Park Düsseldorf


Jump, Flip & Fly at Düsseldorf’s First Trampoline Park

AirHop Düsseldorf
The new AirHop Park in Düsseldorf is a massive 4,000 sqm (more than 43,000 sqft.) trampoline arena and it’s absolutely packed with activities – from a huge trampoline field to a basketball slam dunk court. There’s something fun for everyone, so when you’re ready to let loose and enjoy yourself, this is the place.

What’s inside?

Freejumping on the Trampolines

Think jumping on the bed is fun? Wait until you try this. On the XXL trampoline field you’ll have a chance to jump, flip and fly on a bunch of interconnected trampolines, some of which are even on the walls.

Ultimate Dodgeball

The classic game of dodgeball, but with an awesome twist – the entire game is played directly on a trampoline field, meaning you can jump higher than ever before.

AirHop Düsseldorf


Are you up for a challenge? In this group activity (pictured above) your goal is to jump & duck at just the right moment – without falling from your spot. Do you have what it takes?

Slamdunk Basketball

Ever dreamt of being a basketball star? Here’s your chance to see how it feels to fly through the air and pull off a real slam dunk – with a little help from the trampolines, of course. 


Worked up an appetite or need a little refreshment? Drop by the onsite café for a few minutes of rest and relaxation. It’s also available for special events and parties.


Grab a partner and let the fun begin – in this one-on-one game players engage in a lighthearted duel using foam tubes. Who can stay on the battle beam longer? It’s time to find out.

Ready to Try it Yourself?

Check out the AirHop Düsseldorf website to book your experience. To avoid waiting times, booking ahead is highly recommended, and be sure to arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled time for instructions.

More Information about AirHop Park Düsseldorf

Address: Fichtenstr. 47 – 49, 40233 Düsseldorf

Monday: Open during school holiday period from 10am – 9pm, otherwise closed
Tuesday-Friday: 2pm-9pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am-9pm
Holidays: 10am – 9pm


Sponsored by AirHop Düsseldorf