6 Best Views in Düsseldorf

If you’re on the lookout for the best views in Düsseldorf, you’ve landed in the right place.

From lively rooftop bars and restaurants with sky-high views to an overlook situated in the heart of a nature preserve, these are our six favorite places to see Düsseldorf from above.


Style. Scenic views. Superb food & drinks. The Paris Club restaurant & bar, which occupies both the 16th & 17th floors at the beautiful new 25 Hours Hotel Das Tour , is an absolute must-do. Whether you choose to stay inside or step out onto the open balony, you’ll have a spectacular view of the city below.

Bar at The Paris Club


me and all hotel Düsseldorf – lounge | Foto: Andreas Wellander

This cool 11th floor lounge atop the me and all hotel in the Little Tokyo area of Düsseldorf not only offers nice views, but it also plays host to frequent events and offers a full menu of food & drinks. And for a perfect way to start your day, check out daily breakfast buffet.


The View Skylounge & Bar at INNSIDE Düsseldorf Medienhafen offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. So whether it’s a quick break for coffee and cake, or a relaxed dinner and drinks, this is the best place to see the Medienhafen and Rheinturm from a unique angle.

TOWERING VIEWSRheinturm Blue Sky

The Rheinturm is not only Düsseldorf’s most iconic structure, it’s also home to one of its top views. The observation deck located 168m above the city offers a breathtaking 360 degree panorama of the Rhein and skyline.

Up a little higher (172.5m or 565ft, to be exact) QOMO, the newly reopened revolving restaurant, offers high quality food and 360 degree views.

A BIRD’S EYE VIEWSchöne Aussicht Düsseldorf

This peaceful overlook, known as Schöne Aussicht (“nice view”) is situated atop hill in the heart of Grafenberger forest. It’s a quick hike to the top, and the view is definitely worth it. Benches with tables are available, so pack a picnic and relax for a while.


Near the top of the historic Dreischeibenhaus, Phoenix Twenty-Two, is a rooftop event location which is named for its 22nd floor location. It’s open on select dates during the summer for special Sundowner events.

Don’t miss this opportunity to sip on a drink and soak up perfect views of the city & the river. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for future dates and information.

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