Irish Folk Festival – Düsseldorf 2019


Since it began 46 years ago, the Irish Folk Festival has been seen by over a million people, and on 12 November it’s your turn to experience this one-of-a-kind show live at Savoy Theater in Düsseldorf.

Known around the world for its unique and stirring sound, hearing an Irish Folk concert performed live is one of those things you need to experience at least once.

The four young, highly talented bands on the lineup this year will perform individual sets, and then at the end of the night they’ll come together for what’s sure to be an unforgettable grand finale.


CAROLINE KEANE & TOM DELANY • Free flowing music

Caroline Keane & Tom Delany - Irish Folk Festival 2019 © Fiona Morgan

Caroline Keane & Tom Delany – Irish Folk Festival 2019 | © Fiona Morgan

Combining the Uillean Pipes (Irish bagpipes) and the Concertina (an instrument similar to an accordion), Caroline Keane & Tom Delany are true masters of their craft. Their debut album “Never Say Good Bye, Say Good Luck” was released to rave reviews.

The interplay of the duo is supple, free-flowing and powerfully expressive. Their music comes straight from the heart, making for an engaging, emotional listening experience.

BARRY KERR • Soulful songs

Barry Kerr - Irish Folk Festival 2019 A © Thomas Mc Mullan

Barry Kerr – Irish Folk Festival 2019 | © Thomas Mc Mullan

Barry Kerr is a singer and multi-instrumentalist who masterfully plays the guitar, Uillean pipes, whistles and flutes. In adition, he’s also a prolific painter, with many of his works on view at galleries and cultural centers throughout Ireland and even internationally. This is Barry’s eagerly anticipated second tour with the Irish Folk Festival.

Mike Harding, the BBC’s premier broadcasting host on all things folk, recently said of Barry “I love this guy!”, mentioning him among the likes of singer-songwriters such as Christy Moore and Dick Gaughan.

THE FITZGERALDS • Canada’s new Folk sensation

The Fitzgeralds - Irish Folk Festival 2019 © Morgan Brown

The Fitzgeralds – Irish Folk Festival 2019 © Morgan Brown

Canadian siblings Kerry, Julie and Tom bring together singing, fast paced tap dancing, fiddles and explosive energy for an enchanting show.

Often, two fiddlers will create a grooving polyrhythmic, at which point the third fiddler then explodes in breakneck solos on this foundation. Though the band plays in the Irish tradition, you’ll also pick up hints of bluegrass, French-Canadian and jazz music.


Mànran - Irish Folk Festival 2019 © Sam Hurt

Mànran – Irish Folk Festival 2019 © Sam Hurt

“If you want a party, call Mànran!”
  – Daily Record (Scottish daily newspaper)

The multiple award winning Mànran is Scotland’s leading ‘Scot Rock’ Band. After three albums, several singles, one of them for a charitable cause, which grossed £2 million, the group is well established on the Scottish and Irish music scene.

Blending tradition and rock, this six piece group will fill the theater with the transportive sounds of bagpipes, fiddle, accordion, drums, guitar and electric bass.

Fuse this wide range of instruments with Ewen Henderson’s excellent voice and you have the remarkable sound that is Mànran. Songs are performed in both Gaelic and English.

An excellent festival that you shouldn’t miss! Get your tickets and find more information here:

Irish Folk Festival Düsseldorf


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